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Internet speed test sites (all below use OOKLA speed test engine and Flash):

Speakeasy (Megapath) Internet Speed Test

Uses about 1MB dwnld, 1MB upld; fast and easy to use; only ads are for MegaPath internet services (no external flash ads); best speedtest of the Flash internet speed test sites

AT&T Internet Speed Test

Uses about 1MB dwnld, 1MB upld

Comcast Internet Speed Test

Uses about 10MB dwnld, 500 kb upld Internet Speed Test

Uses about 4MB dwnld, 1MB upld, most used speedtest on net currently. Lots of ads surrounding test.

Vonage (VOIP provider) Internet Speed Test

Uses about 20MB dwnld, 5MB upld, times out(does not complete speed test) with low-speed connections(e.g. GSM EDGE, GPRS, Satellite mobile phone data connections: Globalstar, Iridium)

Internet Speed tests (Flash, non-OOKLA engine(I think))

Uses about .5 MB dwnld, .5 MB upload (no timeout, provides results for low speeds connection), light data load site

Non-Adobe Flash Internet Speed tests Internet Speed Test main page Internet Speed Test DNLD/UPLD combined test page

Uses about 7MB dwnld, .5MB upload, allows separate testing of download and upload speeds and provides for a combined (UPLD/DWLD) test as well; can adjust dwnld/upld file sizes; best (most accurate) non-flash internet speedtest site, works on all internet connections (even low-speed EDGE, GPRS, satellite mobile phone data connections (Globalstar, Iridium)....Use this first below any of the speed tests below; has ads, lots of windows flash on and off before your final speed results are displayed...This speed test seems to provide the most accurate results of all the speedtests listed here.

Uses about 1MB dwnld, 1MB upload (no timeout, can be used on low speed connections and is accurate)(may freeze Apple computers using Safari); webpage seems to reload intermittantly and you can only retest by reloading the home page page

Uses about 1MB dwnld, .5 MB upload (no timeout, accuracy of speed results varies widely, website seems very slow at times and takes a high amount of resources from your video card ) direct link to non-flash test

Uses about 1MB dwnld, (only shows download speed)(only provides relative range of connection speed for high-speed connections (FiOS), individual results display a wide variation when testing high-speed connection), seems most accurate on on low speed connections (GSM EDGE, GPRS, Satellite mobile phone data connections (Globalstar, Iridium)

Pace/ speed test (test is similar to

Uses about 1MB dwnld; only shows download speed; good for low-speed connections (GPRS, GSM EDGE, mobile phone satellite data connections); seems to use the same method to test speed as (dropping a known amount of non-viewable, non-sense data in your browser and seeing how long it takes to do it). (This test has been around for many years. 2Wire used to make routers for AT&T's DSL service years ago.) NO ADS!

Google Speed Test (in collaboration with Measurement Lab)(select first option in search results)
Get Google Internet Speed Test

filewrite works only in Android FireFox and Android Chrome. It does not fully work in the stock Android browser or Dolphin.


vxr file

LIST Maker (1-2-3)




LISTPUB1 (bkmrk save)

LISTPUB2 (bkmrk save)

LISTPUB3 (bkmrk save)

Seven Steps of Research Process

Celsius to Fahrenheit reference


100C=212F(boiling temp for H2O[water])

INFOJET home page with categories as buttons

ANDROID webviewer APP for; click on link below to download to your phone/tablet:

INFOJET.org_AndroidApp WebViewer
(On your Android phone/tablet with Android version 2.2 or above, click on this link to download and install the WebViewer app; size=1.2M, name=hmpg) Android App WebViewer Overview/Information:

NOTE: The Android webviewer application is only a web site viewer and does not access,gather or retain information from your phone or phone contacts. This application enables you to view the website without using a web browser. The functions are very basic. Close the application by pressing your settings/tools menu on the bottom of your phone/tablet and press "Exit application" and the webviewer will close. If you proceed to a website outside of the website, you will still be in the webviewer but out of so you need to activate your phone's "back" button to get back to

As stated: The Android application works on Android versions 2.2 and above.

After you press the link (ij_app_adrd.apk) and download the app to your phone/tablet, the following standard statements and warnings will likely be displayed by your Android phone prior to you installing the application:

"Do you want to install this application?"

"Allow this application to:

Modify/delete SD card contents (the webviewer will not modify your SD card)

Full Internet Access (the will need to use your internet connection to display the site)

Phone Calls
Read phone state and identity" (the webviewer will not read your phone state or identity)

MIT(Google) Android App Inventor

MIT(GOOGLE) Android App inventor II

Where do I find People to Address and Address to People Finder websites? A list of People information and Property information websites is below: (Alexa rank=9275)(results not very accurate, not displayed on website) (Alexa rank=9,243) (requires subscription, no ID info published) facilities not obviously provided on website) very accurate) direct search facilities) a deal of work to obtain info, requires cash outlay for details) ID'ing info displayed after search, subscription required) free search facilities provided, subscription required for access) (currently invite only) (search people via social media profiles, does not provide a way to prevent from being searched or an opt-out method at the time of review (11/24/2012),account requires invite request and receipt of invite approval prior to given authority to search) ( phone book type entries displayed, no age or address provided, uses search results) facilities on home page, results not accurate) facilities on home page, accurate results displaying age, cities previously lived, relative full names) (provides EXACT birth date (month/day/year), incredible; based on some preliminary research, the source of exact birth date appears to be linkedin and/or dating sites like match) very accurate) age via search facility but not exact birth date (mm/dd/yyyy) (people search using the WhitePages tab on the search window and it publicly displays ID info from Intelius and USSearch)
Email Finder(provides search facilities on home page with ID'ing info (age, locations lived, relatives, etc.) free of charge)
Facebook friend finder (friend finder, displays brief summary of Facebook page via search facility; log in not required; FB not really a people data finder site; results only about FB pages) pictures based on name or terms searched) (Alexa rank=1,414.955)
FindPeople onPlus(website used to find people of Google+, only displays people on the Google+ network)
FreePhoneTracer(partially accurate results, accurate results require cash outlay) (e-mail address search, Alexa rank=526,123)
Google search (search your name via common Google search using your full name, city and state and see what shows up) (Alexa rank=575,515) (provides search function for people finder websites, this company is now known as BluCora)
InstantCheckMate(Alexa rank=3164) (ID'ing info (name, age, one full address and partial phone number) displayed if a record is found via search facilities provided on home page after agreeing to warning pop-up window) (Alexa rank=3513) (provides name, location and reverse phone # search facilities on website, accurate ID info provided publically includes age, relatives names, previous cities lived, other information provided for charge) (redirected to Salesforce Contacts by Jigsaw)(Rank=4,575) (no ID info publically displayed, for a fee provides info about business background such as bankruptcies, lawsuits, liens, judgements, etc. lexis site) (Alexa rank=8,099)(need a subscription to access information, no personal information published on website, link provided to perform people search: Lexis people search resource page)
LinkedIn (this site does not display people's ages on site)(Alexa rank=12) (ID info available via subscription, no ID info available via search facilities directly on website)
LookUp(provides accurate ID'ing info on site via search facilities available on home page; ID'ing info includes accurate age, relatives, previous cities as well as almost full e-mail address that you can easily figure out; now I know why I am being spammed so much on that e-mail address)
LookupAnyone(provides accurate ID'ing info (age, previous cities, relatives, no e-mail) on site charge free via search facilities on home page)
LookupExpert(provides limited but accurate ID'ing info (age, one location) via search facilities on home page) (requires subscription, no ID info published on website, no search facilities provided on website directly, can provide full SSN via subscription service, popular with private investigators) (Alexa rank=520,955)(e-mail address search only)
my Free E-mail Search (Alexa Rank=643,543)
MyLife (Alexa rank=2168)(Facebook login or account creation required prior to provision of search facilities, no ID'ing information available without login)
MySpace people finder
NumberGuru(Reverse phone number look up via search facilities on home page, accurate but non ID'ing info displayed (carrier (Sprint) & location)
Peeepl(search facilities from home page result in general list of names but no ID'ing info; link to Spokeo provided) (Alexa rank=4,435) (4,454) (Alexa rank=586,910) ID'ing info (name, age, previous cities) displayed charge free on website using search facilities available on home page) (Alexa rank=3257)(ID info provided on website (age, relatives, previous cities lived with partial address for all listings) free of charge via easily accessed search facilities)
PhoneDetective(partial info displayed free o charge via search facilities on home page, full info provided for fee) (Alexa rank=4084)(provides ID info via search facilities; multiple results from several people search providers are listed; exact age, address, relatives and previous cities lived provided free of charge) (Alexa rank=7,314)
PublicBackgroundChecks(displays accurate ID'ing info (name, age, cities lived, relatives) via search facilities on home page)
PublicRecords(displays accurate ID'ing info (name, age, cities lived, relatives) free of charge via search facilities on home page)
PublicRecordsNow(displays accurate ID'ing info (name, age, cities lived, relatives) free of charge via search facilities on home page) (not very accurate people search) (provides e-mail search functions; search facilities not available from home page; account creation (free) required prior to initiating searches) (provides phone number information via search facilities on home page; provides current comments on phone numbers below search facility) (Alexa rank=62,300, now part of (not very accurate which is good for private people) (uses search function for people, provides search facilities for multiple people finder websites) (forwards to Zabasearch) (Alexa rank=1913) (provides ID info publicly via search facilities; age is estimated)
Squidoo person finder (list of people finder sites) (professional) (requires subscription, no ID info published on website, no web search facility provided, provides investigative facilities for public and private-proprietary records)
TopPeopleFinder(displays accurate ID'ing info (name, age, cities lived, relatives) free of charge via search facilities on home page; ad video plays automatically if you leave results on page for a few minutes) (this one's opt-out policy (remove my info) is the worst type. They require you to send them a paper (yes, PAPER!) letter with a stamp to request to remove your information. Is that legal?) (Alexa Rank=50,208)
USIdentify(displays free of charge name, age and known locations (city,st) via home page search facilities) (does not reveal age) facilities provided on home page, partially accurate (only age accurate) ID'ing information displayed charge free) ID'ing info (your name, age and known locations) as well as the age of your possible relatives via search facilities from home page)
Waatp (provides US map of name of person searched, click map for detail, does not provide exact age but map of your living location is exact)
WestLaw People FinderNo ID info displayed without paying fee) (ADDRESS to People info. Can put in address of location and get information about people living or associated with that location. WHAT!?) (Alexa rank=785) (Alexa rank=46,829) (mostly in Europe)(Alexa rank=263)
Yahoo people search (Alexa rank=4,050) (Alexa rank=738.054, very little detail is revealed in the initial results, just name) (Alexa rank=26,185) (Alexa rank= 4,283 ,mostly business profile information)

Search the usenet database (old method)

The above list excludes foreign websites (which could number in the thousands or more). I did not wish to test these for concern I would be attacked by a epic array of viruses. Just be aware your information (SSN, credit card #s, bank account numbers, etc.) is likely available on these websites as well as those above.

People finder websites claim they obtain information from publicly accessible resources. To prevent your information from being displayed, you need to follow the non-publish/opt-out procedures for each website or use services that will do it for you for a fee. The non-publish or opt-out procedures often force you to send exact information (such as the month, day and year of your birth, photo copy or scanned driver's license) that the people finder websites may only have in fractional format. So, the process of opting out provides even more information to these companies or verifies the information they have as accurate and true which they may not have had prior to your opt-out request and increases its value for which they can sell it off to other affiliated and non-affiliated companies at a higher price (than non-verified information). Also and unfortunately, this removal process is not a not one-time event on your part as the people info publishing websites can easily apply their existing technology to a shiny new website name and/or phone app and again start publishing your information. You or a company you hire will have to contact this "new" company to remove your information. As you can easily figure out, this process (new website-app launched/your info published/you request to stop/they stop/transfer your info to a new company and start again) can keep going and going for a long time. The list above is not complete and is only accurate as of Nov. 2012. These websites may be helpful in performing background checks on individuals(such as a potential date or spouse, contractor, etc.). Famous people have a tough (almost impossible) challenge concealing their information from being publicly displayed as even sites such as Wikipedia and some search engines clearly publish their birth dates (m/d/y), spouse, children, locations lived, net worth and other information commonly available on people finder websites.

NOTE: was fined $800,000 in June 2012 by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Spokeo was fined for collecting details about people and selling it (to supposed potential employers) without protecting individual privacy. has no affiliations (direct or indirect) with any people finder websites listed above.

Info removal sites (partial list): charged to remove info from people finder sites, Expensive)(Infojet has no affiliation with

Financial Market Data:

Market Index Charts

Chart Quote

Text+Chart Quote

Equity list (name_alpha)

Equity list (symbol_alpha)

ETF list (name_alpha)

ETF list (symbol_alpha)


Backup market information (text-based):


See on the following:

Twitter Feed example(old)

Radio stations (streaming): KRXQ(HardRock) KXPR(classic)

infojet.org_home page QR code(scan with mobile phone):

QR code generator

RGB color ref

JavaScript example:

Date and time onclick

GOOGLE Friendly Site STEPs (directly from GOOGLE (

GOOGLE Webmaster guidelines (directly from GOOGLE)

GOOGLE SEO and META viewport info
Google meta tag requirements

Google SEO very basic(meta description + title)

META viewport (to resize to fill any screen)fm Mozilla)

GOOGLE PageSpeed Insights (webpage / webapp test)
Google gives a score for your site and recommendations how to fix it.
Enter domain name or webpage to test:

Wordpress SEO FAQ(NOTE--Only do these things if you DO NOT have an SEO plugin installed like Yoast SEO or All-in-One SEO pack, etc. , it also only displays the title and description on the home main landing page): Where do I put meta description tag information in a WordPress site?( in the Settings/General-->Tagline field)

How do I get WordPress to display the meta description tag?(Enter your site/business Description in the Settings/General-->Tagline field and place a new meta description tag (with some php code -- php bloginfo('description') in the header.php file)

NOTE: Some hosting providers have a WordPress Settings panel (like Installatron used by Omnis) that allows you to enter your WP website Title and Tagline(Description) which gets transferred to the Site Title and Tagline fields in the Wordpress Admin panel automatically(enter your Site Title and Tagline in one place (Hosting provider WP settings panel OR directly in the WP admin panel (Settings/General[title of WP General menu option page is actually--General Settings]).

To get your WordPress site/main page to clearly display the meta Description tag for Google (as of early 2017), the WORDPRESS_org codex page linked above (titled: Meta Tags in WordPress) indicates that you NEED to enter this PHP line in the <head> section of the header.php file (Theme Header file). The header.php file is located in the WP Admin panel under Appearance(click),Editor(click), move eyes to the right side of the Editor page to view a list of files under Templates and click Theme Header (header.php) to open up the header.php file in the Edit Themes window. Enter the PHP meta description php bloginfo line shown above in the head section and click or press the Update File button. NOTE--This process will add ONE meta description for your WP site. WP plugins such as Yost SEO may allow you to customize the meta descriptions for multiple WP pages(I haven't tried the Yost SEO plugin. So, I don't know if this plugin works for customizing meta descriptions for multiple pages. I only read that it did a relatively good job for meta descriptions from some reviews.).

WPFast-- site fixes (remove top gray header bar and Powered by WordPress footer)
.site-header.float-header {
      background-color: transparent;

.site-header {
	background-color: #ffffff;
	position: relative;

.site-info { display: none; }

WPFast--Fast one-page WordPress sites

Other websites:


dmnm_ck_EasyWhois(Captcha slows checks but no front-running) (.com doman nm chk), fast but probable front running and auto-register bots)

DuckDuckGo(No Hstry) Search

How can I send a Verizon Text Message online with a browser? How can I check my Verizon Text Messages online with a browser?

Where is the Verizon Wireless Online Text Message Login?(Right Here)

Windows PowerShell CURL variable setup with target webpage/webapp

Windows PowerShell CURL get webpage/webapp

Windows PowerShell WGET .. like command to get web contents (Invoke-WebRequest)

Make Ubuntu USB using Windows

Make Ubuntu USB using Ubuntu

Make Ubuntu USB using MacOS

Ubuntu USB maker(Rufus)

3 steps to make Ubuntu USB on Windows fast: (After opening Rufus in Admin mode)
/1/-Select destination USB
/2/-Select ISO
/3/-Select Start (leave everything else default)(Click Ok to the box about "Write in ISO image mode")

(You can also fix USBs that can't be accessed, formatted or viewed only as CD drives by formatting with Rufus)

Install Ubuntu Desktop

Boot option menu start Keys and BIOS/UEFI access keys for Computer manufacturers and custom board makers

List of Boot option menu start keys UEFI/BIOS start keys (by computer manufacturer, computer board manufacturer)

This document is an overview of the keys that allow you to display a list of startup devices and/or boot to a system BIOS/UEFI.(as of March 17, 2018)

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
AcerAspire One zg5, zg8, Aspire TimelineF12F2
AcerAspire v3, v5, v7F12 ("F12 Boot Menu" must be enabled in BIOS)F2
Esc, F2, F12Del, F2

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
ApplePost-2006 modelsOption
Apple Mac Startup Keys

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
AsusVivoBook f200ca, f202e, q200e, s200e, s400ca, s500ca, u38n, v500ca, v550ca, v551, x200ca, x202e, x550ca, z202eEscDelete
AsusN550JV, N750JV, N550LF, Rog g750jh, Rog g750jw, Rog g750jx Zenbook Infinity ux301, Infinity ux301la, Prime ux31a, Prime ux32vd, R509C, Taichi 21, Touch u500vz, Transformer Book TX300Esc (Disable "Fast Boot" and "Secure Boot Control")F2
Asusk25f, k35e, k34u, k35u, k43u, k46cb, k52f, k53e, k55a, k60ij, k70ab, k72f, k73e, k73s, k84l, k93sm, k93sv, k95vb, k501, k601, R503C, x32a, x35u, x54c, x61g, x64c, x64v, x75a, x83v, x83vb, x90, x93sv, x95gl, x101ch, x102ba, x200ca, x202e, x301a, x401a, x401u, x501a, x502c, x750jaF8Delete
AsusEee PC 1015, 1025cEscF2

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
CompaqPresarioEsc, F9F10

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
F12 (Select "USB Flash Drive")F2

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
F12tab, Delete

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
Esc, F9Esc, F10, F1
HPPavilion Media Center a1477cEscF10
HPPavilion 23 All In OneEsc (Select boot media from the menu)F10
HPPavilion Elite e9000, e9120y, e9150t, e9220y, e9280tEsc, F9F10
HPPavilion g4, g6 and g7, Probook 4520s, 4525s, 4540s, 4545s, 5220m, 5310m, 5330m, 5660b, 5670bEscF10
HPPavilion HPE PC, h8-1287c, Pavilion PC, p6 2317c, Pavilion PC, p7 1297cb, TouchSmart 520 PC, ENVY x2, m4, m4-1015dx, m4-1115dx, sleekbook m6, m6-1105dx, m6-1205dx, m6-k015dx, m6-k025dx, touchsmart m7, Envy, dv6 and dv7 PC, dv9700, Spectre 14, Spectre 13, 2000 - 2a20nr, 2a53ca, 2b16nr, 2b89wm, 2c29wm, 2d29wmEsc (Then f9 for "Boot Menu")Esc
HP2000Esc (Then F9 for "Boot Menu". Select "Patriot Memory" on the Boot Option Menu)Esc
HPPavilion a410nEscF1

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
LenovoDesktopsF12, F8, F10F1, F2
LenovoLaptopsF12F1, F2
LenovoThinkPad edge, e431, e531, e545, helix, l440, l540, s431, t440s, t540p, twist, w510, w520, w530, w540, x140, x220, x230, x240, X1 carbonF12F1
LenovoIdeaPad s300, u110, u310 Touch, u410, u510, y500, y510, yoga 11, yoga 13, z500Novo Button (Next to power button), F12Novo Button
LenovoIdeaPad P500F12 or Fn + F11F2
LenovoIdeaPad S10-3, g460, g470, g475, g480, g485F12F2

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
MicrosoftSurface Pro 1-3
Volume-Down Button
MicrosoftSurface Pro 4 & Book
Volume-Up Button

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios KeyPackard Bell
F8F1, Delete

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
F12, EscF2, F10
SamsungNC10, np300e5c, np300e5e, np350v5c, np355v5c, np365e5c, np550p5cEscF2
SamsungSeries 5 Ultra, Series 7 Chronos, Series 9 UltrabookEsc (Must disable "Fast Boot" in BIOS)F2
SamsungAtiv Book 2, 8, 9F2 (Must disable "Fast Boot" in BIOS)F10

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key


ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
SonyVAIO Duo, Pro, Flip, Tap, FitAssist Button (Use the Assist Button when the computer is off, not when it is booting)Assist Button (Use the Assist Button when the computer is off, not when it is booting)
SonyVAIO, PCG, VGNF11F1, F2, F3
SonyVGNEsc, F10F2

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
ToshibaKira, Kirabook 13, Ultrabook, Qosmio g30, g35, g40, g50, Qosmio x70, x75, x500, x505, x870, x875, x880F12F2
ToshibaProtege, Satellite, TecraF12F1, Esc

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key

HP computer Windows 10 support/schedule

Computer Start Menu--choose OS from list

NetCMDs--fast check
nslookup, tracert, ipconfig, netstat, ping, netsh, route print

sans JS site test
(Input dmn_nm only)